Getting Started with BizPhone

We’ve made getting started with BizPhone simple and easy for you to determine exactly what features are best to implement for your business.

Plus, by following our simple pre-qualification procedures we can ensure that you’ll enjoy high-definition voice calls and support for all your selected BizPhone features.


Prequalification testing

To ensure that your current broadband service can support the BizPhone features; it is important that our customers perform a connection test and complete the qualification checklist prior to submitting your BizPhone order.

Service qualification only takes a few minutes and we’ve attached a helpful checklist to assist you with the reporting process, so simply download the pdf document, run the required tests and let us know the results.

Selecting optional features

Non standard installations

Porting your existing numbers

Hosted PBX Vs On-site PBX – Things you should know


BizPhone includes all the features you’d expect from an expensive onsite PBX telephone system and includes your choice of Yealink handset and unlimited local, national, and fixed to mobile calls to Australian numbers.


Choose from a variety of pre-configured Yealink handsets to meet the demands of your business. Each handset is packed with features and offers a modern stylish design, providing high-quality voice via a simple user interface.


It is important to perform a speed connection test and complete the qualification checklist when submitting your order. This simple test will ensure that the technical environment can deliver clear voice calls and support your selected BizPhone features.


BizPhone can be easily customised to suite your business with simple ‘do-it-yourself’ set-up and installation via the online web portal. Find useful information and how to video guides for a range of core BizPhone features such as voicemail, call forwarding, 3-way chat, remote office and more.