Mobile Coverage

There’s a plan just right for your needs!

With the Optus mobile network, you can access super-fast 4G mobile and broadband services anywhere you go so that you can browse the Internet more quickly and do more things with your smartphone. Covering more than 98.5% of the Australian population, the Optus network will keep you in touch no matter where you go.

Each day more and more money is being invested in building mobile towers and strengthening regional coverage, boosting your signal in metropolitan areas, making your Internet faster and more reliable, and connecting you with more people. Check our coverage maps to see if you can get on the Optus 4G network today.

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Activating international roaming

For your safety and security, your access to international roaming needs to be requested and turned on by us.

Customers are advised to contact us before travel although we are happy to assist if you need international roaming and have already left Australia.

Simply call or email customer support and we will set-up international roaming, generally within the same business day.

Tip for mobile data usage

Accessing voicemail while overseas

International roaming charges

Checking usage while international roaming

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